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The Broken Cup 

It was bright sunny morning, Mommy was in the kitchen. I saw her from far and tried to see what she was doing. She looked really busy trying to manage too many things together. Doing laundry, washing dishes, making breakfast and sipping something from a cup. At first I thought should I go or wait for her to finish. But then I thought of surprising her, I quietly sneaked up to her to and said boooo… 

She got scared and dropped her cup which she was sipping at that very moment. She started coughing and I got scared what have I done. She hugged me tightly and wished me good morning. Although I could see the disappointment and helplessness in her eyes. Must be wondering one more thing to do. I wanted to help her clean the mess but she asked me to go wait on the table and she will bring my breakfast. I just sat there watching her clean all the mess. Making sure if perfectly clean and that none of the pieces of broken cup is left behind. Mom’s are the best. 

Ayesha Shafi