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Learning through flash cards

Before going into the whole details of learning through flash cards and it’s
benefits. Let’s see What are Flash Cards?

Flash Cards are a small note cards that are used for testing and improving memory. Flash cards are typically two-sided, with the prompt on one side and the information about the prompt on the other. This may include names, vocabulary,
concepts, or procedures.

Now how flash cards can bring positive effect in a child’s life. An infant, a preschooler, a kindergartener when introduced to Flash Cards their brain will work as a camera and you’ll be surprised it will capture the whole image.

It helps increase vocabulary, helps in building memory, improves cognition, and
reduces problems with speech delay and much more.
We have a variety of flash cards of all age groups. They are print ready and free.

We have a vast range of flash Cards, Worksheets, Ebooks (Coming Soon) and
Colour in Sheets to keep your kids busy for hours. You can find kids learning
activities .  We upload new activities and flash cards every week.

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Our kids stories are different and new, they are engaging and with a moral. One
of our most watched kids story is Bobo the Bear. You can check it here: https://youtu.be/uLOLb_uc_q4

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flashcards, activities and videos.

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