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It’s 2022, the year we have all been surviving after covid. Our kids are taking classes from home. And we parents are trying to minimize the screen time. What is Screen Time? Screen time is the quality time your child spends in front of the TV, Laptop, Mobile, Tab or any other gadget instead of being involved in a healthy activity.

Despite our continuous efforts to make the child hate these YouTube videos, we are unable to make them stop. But how about channelizing that screen time into a positive learning time. learning videos, kids stories, rhymes and kids poems funny videos, English language videos, and simple crafts for kids. If monitored, your child can learn a lot of things from the content uploaded.

Check out Some of Our recent videos for kindergarten learning alphabet stories, numbers, Rhymes, and Short stories that your child can learn from and can memorize.

We have kid’s activities and flashcards available here.

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