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Month: June 2022

A Growing Brain

A small mind which has just started to develop should not be left unmonitored. It should be the parent’s responsibility to indulge their kids in healthy activities. You can find a lot of fun activities and audiobooks to engage your child. You can find interesting kid’s books audio to download here. 

Videos are the best way to teach a child about a lot of things going on in this world. It will help the child with his speech, giving his imagination words and characters. His pretend to play games can take a hike with his interest in stories. 

We are developing our products in a way that is easier for kids to understand and adapt. The conceptual writing of the stories is taken from kids’ choices. We hope to keep on bringing activities, learning videos, Rhymes, and alphabet stories to help kids learn from home before they even go to school.

Power of Reading

Does your child really need to know all the letters before he actually starts to look at a book? Well No; buying a book for your child is as important as buying diapers. Introducing your child to a world of books is like giving them a finger to walk.

Books are man’s best friend.

But in reality, books are a child’s best friend. Kids get to see so many things in books and then relate to them in their daily life. Their brain starts to absorb things as soon as they are born. Reading these stories will help cultivate young minds into better persons for tomorrow.

Reading different genres for them. Showing them books of different interests can help them see a variety of things in this world. Will help them make choices, reason their surroundings, and become curious and that curiosity will lead to intelligence.

Read stories, watch stories, and eBooks for free download. Show videos related to interesting kid’s stories. We have tons of choices available on our channel.


It’s 2022, the year we have all been surviving after covid. Our kids are taking classes from home. And we parents are trying to minimize the screen time. What is Screen Time? Screen time is the quality time your child spends in front of the TV, Laptop, Mobile, Tab or any other gadget instead of being involved in a healthy activity.

Despite our continuous efforts to make the child hate these YouTube videos, we are unable to make them stop. But how about channelizing that screen time into a positive learning time. learning videos, kids stories, rhymes and kids poems funny videos, English language videos, and simple crafts for kids. If monitored, your child can learn a lot of things from the content uploaded.

Check out Some of Our recent videos for kindergarten learning alphabet stories, numbers, Rhymes, and Short stories that your child can learn from and can memorize.

We have kid’s activities and flashcards available here.